CLANK! CLANK!! “Hey! Who’s that in the kitchen?!”
“Isn’t it Winfred fishing in my territorial waters?!” silence yet again. Bedroom door opens then  fast approaching footsteps. Winfred stealthily tip toes (like the way Shaggy does in Scooby Doo) and crouches near the table. Adrenalin’s surging through him like mad.
Mommy enters and perfunctorily grabs the cane from behind the door. As if guided by some unknown, yet to be documented witchery (perhaps she was using x-rays) she moves towards the table and pounces on him. She quickly draws a stool from behind and sits. Winfred is turned back up and mommy strips his buttocks bare…
Of course you can imagine the rest! But you know what? Winfred didn’t even get to do his “fishing” before he was caught poaching. Poor him!
By the way that Winfred isn’t me. Some Winfred I know. Lol!!Spaning