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From your elementary biology, voluntary actions are activities under the control of the brain, blah blah blah whereas involuntary actions are activities that occur without thought or not under the control of the brain. Now take a closer look at this ‘scientific paradox’ (love to call it that, if I may); Involuntary talking. A Mystique Mysterious huh? Absolutely impossible (French accent).

OK  here’s the argument. Have you ever been caught in a situation where you just babble out words unreasonably and without meaning, cos you’ve been startled (or say woken up from the world of Morpheus only to meet questions from your teacher stampeding towards you). Well there’s your involuntary talking. Absurd huh? Here’s how it was propounded:

“                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         31-3-09
…roll was being conducted and someone’s name was mentioned. Apparently he was chatting or doing something else and wasn’t attentive. Upon getting to know his name had been mentioned, he responded in much confused state of mind, “sss-ii-rr prre- yyeess pprr sssir sir present sir!” Not that he’s a stammerer. He’s just undergoing what Kofi Dei, after a ‘quick deductive thinking’, calls the phenomenon of Involuntary Talking.”
– from my high school diary.

Mystique Mysterious: a mysterious character in Benjamin Kwakye’s The Clothes of Nakedness.


Falling into the hands of Morpheus.

I love keeping diaries (only I don’t keep one now). To my high school mates keeping a diary was like a new form of renaissance to them (they aren’t dunderheads I beg your pardon). Have lots of interesting things to reminisce about. There are some of these occurrences, stupid but funny remarks, faces and names of friends which, with time, will be blown to the back of beyond. Which is why I kept and keep an anthology (if I may call it) on my high school life.
Here’s an excerpt from my high school diary.

”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                12-11-08

I’m in a fix right now because something tells me to, something tells me not to.. Just like Hamlet in his famous monologue, ” to be or not to be…” . Know why? Cos it really happened to me! I don’t know if I’m angry or not. You’re itching to hear it, aren’t you?

“Young man, you are falling into the hands of Morpheus” says Fr. Ben Doe, the school chaplain when he finds you sleeping (or almost on the verge of) in class. Usually a teacher instructs the person next the  one  sleeping to knock him on the head. It’s really funny, you know, and we all laugh our lungs out. Didn’t realise it was that annoying to be woken from your sleep with a knock- jump from the soothing luxurious world of Morpheus on Mt. Olympus into the present. You’d be savouring the taste of sleep by then, slowly… taking in every bit of it when *knock!*

Oh Chale, you don’t know how I felt when Agbemasu Peter gave me that *hard heavy* knock for sleeping in class. Don’t sympathise, empathise. ”

I still fall into the hands of Morpheus, though no more knocks. That world is something else. My course mates call it chaba-ing (after the South African football player, Tonic ChabalalaThe body is weak but the soul is willing.. Don’t see the connection nor how it evolved). Still haven’t found the antidote yet. May be I won’t! The body is weak but the soul is willing!

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