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Onomatopoeic Yam.

Back on the grid!

Onomatopoeia quite some word huh? I remember having trouble spelling this word in literature class (the last four words, always interchanging them) and the master worsening the case with his relentless stressing of the last two syllables, ‘poe-ia.’ Onomatopoeia, of course, is the formation or use of words that imitate the sound of something. The cat meows, goats and sheep bleat, door creaks etc.

Words such as hiccup are as a result of the sound one makes when ‘hiccup-ing’(hmm?). The cuckoo is named after the sound it makes, “cuckoooo”, and also the zip ‘cos it goes “zzzzziiiiiippppppp!!!”

I love yams

Fried Yams with Hot pepper

Fried yams with hot pepper

and I’ve always wondered how the word ‘yam’ came about. According to Wikipedia, “Although it is unclear which came first, the word yam is related to Portuguese inhame or Spanish ñame, which both ultimately derive from the Wolof word nyam, meaning “to sample” or “taste”; in other African languages it can also mean “to eat”, e.g. yamyam and doya in Hausa or “to chew” in Dholuo language of the Luo of Kenya and Northern Tanzania.”

Cooked Yam with Palaver sauce

Palaver sauce with yam

Well, I kind of have this ‘conspiracy theory’ on the origin of the word yam based on onomatopoeia since childhood.

Know why it’s called yam? (Draw closer… whispers) cos it goes “yyyaaaammmm!!!!” 🙂

...cos it goes "yyyyaaaammmmm!!!"

...cos it goes "yyyyaaaammmmm!!!"


Language is…

Listening to people speak, i really feel happy when they use certain words, phrases, idioms, metaphors in painting pictures to their listeners. All i do is smile, nod and tell you, “I like that” (that’s if you are a friend. I’m hoping I’d be able to tell strangers that too). Though I’m not an authority of the language but i really do like it when people speak like that.

Today, I overheard a lady telling her friend “… and i asked her to read between the lines…” Beautiful! You rarely hear stuff like that in spoken language and I really like that. She could have simply said it in plain language. Guess I’m turning into an advocate of the language 🙂

Like I said in one of my posts, words are beautiful and i have to conclude… language is a work of art.

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