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Everything’s stale right now. Food’s unsavoury, water’s insipid as always, sodas seem to run out too quickly, energy drains like quicksand in an hourglass, work is a bore, sleep is tiring, movies are too cliched; days, long and mind-numbing, are shrouded in gloom and convos are less riveting.
Instagram beauties look too caked (and unnaturally light-skinned), and Facebook statuses, overheard. Tweets are mundane and Whatsapp’s a ghost town.
Yet the whole world looks on nonchalantly…or is it me?
Perhaps I’m just hollow…or bitter. Very.

Me... dejected.

Me… dejected.



So I’ve been rediscovering myself lately and I can sum myself up as thus: a puny, bland, miserable, low-self esteemed, carefree, hubristic, conceited, narcissistic perfectionist.

Yeah, that’s who I am… or so they say.

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