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I’ve not been lazy. It’s been long since i made a blog post, yeah i know. It’s this assignment that I/we (my class) was/were given that made me ‘neglect’ this niche. I’ll hit you up on the assignment later.

FCUBE – Free Compulsory Universal Basic  Education. This is a policy that makes basic education (primary and junior high school) free of charge  in Ghana (excluding private schools of course).

University hall


On the other hand this is how University Hall (aka Katanga) students (Katangees) of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) interpret FCUBE. FCUBE is an activity as part of their Hall Week celebrations where they mimic primary and JHS students by being draped in their uniform commonly known as

kokonte and groundnut soup and parade the campus.Kokonte and groundnut soupOthers dress as teachers however in old school fashion. Here’s a video on a confrontation of a ‘headmaster’ and his ‘assistant’. They actually met accidentally and fell into the act.

Problem with the embedded video? Watch it on YouTube! (Click here)
For readers who do not understand the language (like me), the Headmaster is simply firing his assistant for coming to school  late!

Video: Nsoh Enoch


Kolo 9t!!


Here comes the Headmaster!

Hmmm don’t even know how to start. The night was soo much fun. All halls on campus celebrate hall week every year. Hall week is a special activity packed week set aside for affiliates. There are various activities like beauty pageants, exhibitions, ‘kolo’ night, old skuul, red carpet programmes etc. They are weeks to remember. ‘Kolo’ night is a programme where affiliates dress like  our fathers and grandfathers did during the colonial era. The word ‘kolo’ is coined from ‘colonial’. I have chronicled my first hall week in  Independence hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Wouldn’t want this/that moment blown to the back of beyond, do we? Hope u like the pics lol. Welcome to KOLO NIGHT!!

Kofi Atta

Sammy Counters

The School Chaplain. He was chanting and speaking tongues all night with a glass of palm-wine glued to his hands! "Asem b3 ni3?" (hope my Twi is good lol)

Friday Wear Old Skul Remix

Kofi Atta again

Teacher Kokoroko- The man who never 'lost' in Kosovo

Teacher Kokoroko

Some Old Students hehehe


Togbui Avukplekor XVI of Kese-le-mitome-kope: The PTA Chairman

Now you know why he's called Sammy Counters. 🙂

John Doe (the table vulture. Dont be caught mentioning that name in his presence).

The KG Teacher

Me in the thick of things. I felt like dashing to my room, change and join the craze. Guess i missed it. 😦

Know him?


THese SeNiors hmmm

Senior No Sagging!

Enoch, my room mate getting into his element. He took most of the pics.

The Headmaster and some dignitaries 'giving us show'

Efo Daga.

Sweet! (referring to the lady oo)


THe Ladies. Only these ladies showed up ooo. All the other Indece ladies shame on you!

Late for the meeting

My room mates, another 'room mate' and I. From left to right, Sam, Nas, Moi and Edem

The procession led by Delilah (my course mate)

Old Student. Dr. Pani3

A concerned parent


Observers were worried



Getting ready for the Eating Competition

Contestant No.1 Senior No Sagging

Contestant No.2 Romeo- Zongo Floor Rep (Morale leader)

Contestant No.3

Contestant No.4 John Doe the table Vulture

Let the Eating Begin

Down his throat?!!

Down his throat?!!


Too much for comfort. He had to expel some.

Stop Work!

The EC doing some inspections

Winner- Senior No Sagging

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