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The Shadow Of God

“Beauty… is the shadow of God on the universe.”
Gabriela Mistral.

The meaning of ‘beautiful’ has become dull and common place when in fact the word’s original implication indicates that the person stands out among others. The touch of mysterious allure possessed by certain sights gives me this joie de vivre of being fortunate to have the shadow of God casted upon me. I can’t help but admire one of God’s masterpieces. A Mona Lisa bringing out the full grandeur of God’s creation.

There is this one whose marvel I simply can’t find a repository for in my mind. Her image seems to evaporate each time I try to make out her face in my mind’s eye. Perhaps I haven’t had my fill of watching her yet. Immaculately designed, precisely engineered, finished to perfection and full in the right places. She has these eyes… these shiny innocent eyes that would keep you under the spell of savouring that moment of holding your gaze. Eyes that seem to peer into the heart’s abyss- the heart of hearts. Eyes that could keep a basilisk dazed forever. Eyes that seem to say “if you think my eyes are beautiful, it’s because they are looking at you”. And that coy smile of polite geniality which seems to melt the very heart for my existence. I get close enough, ostensibly to help her in solving a math problem (well of course she does need my help) but in actual fact to get a whiff of her ethereal beauty- to bask in her ambience. I try as much as possible not to be transfixed by the cleavage of those B-cups (boy keeping my eyes off those is like denying myself one of nature’s rare spectacles). I burn hundreds of calories to keep my eyes focused onto the page, trying to give her face a miss. I give in too soon and stealthily raise my eyes to look at the lips. Gosh! What I saw blew me away. I was like… like… Gone With the Wind! They were the cutest lips I’ve ever seen. Succulent well defined Cupid’s bow… boy kissing those lips would feel like falling into a drum of honey. My eyes were firmly fixed to it like glue. The sight whetted my appetite but had to restrain myself from wetting my lips as I was under radar. Someone else might be watching. I withdraw my eyes quickly onto the page as I wouldn’t want her lifting her eyes to catch me ogling her lips.

Now can’t catch her staring cos she’s supposed to. Can’t because I’m supposed to look her and everyone else in the eye. Boy how I wish it was a different setting. Can’t tell if seeds of affection have sprouted in my heart or if it’s infatuation (which I hope it’s not the latter).

Senses cannot grasp this marvel that makes me want to gorge myself with every part of her. Perhaps something else… something different… something to serve as compensation… something beyond the senses… Hush! Hush! This should be on the QT. wouldn’t want the rumour mill turning about this enchanting marvel that I’m developing a soft spot for- the shadow of God.




Thorns At Sunset.

Thorns at Sunset

Still. The aura of bright red heralds the perfunctory grief. As darkness steals across the sky, the stalks sway in reverence. There he goes. Sinking. His countenance tells it all- worn-out. No one can tell where he goes. No one has ever been there- the other end of the world, in the horizon.  Some say he’s a tramp, homeless. Others say he’s a wanderer.

The birds come back from their explorations. They call onto the others to come witness the spectacle. A spectacle they behold in awe.  A feast for the eyes.  A beaut, these moments. Others fly across in the foreground, either to bask in his ambience or coming back from their exploits. They wail. The trees whisper silently. The wind treads cautiously.  Everyone takes on a tinge of red. The atmosphere is shrouded in solemnity. The air reeks of the Grim Reaper.

The thorns look on-bemused.

Slowly, he dies out…like the candle light starved of nourishment.

Photo Credit: Nana Kofi Acquah
Tittle borrowed from caption of photo on Nana Kofi’s blog post

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