As his eyes sweep the crammed auditorium, they trip over a sight which keeps them transfixed. His mouth opens involuntarily obviously awestruck.

The auditorium is full to the brim, almost bursting at its seams. She scans the hall. It’s hopeless. No empty seats. She must find one before the movie trailers start rolling when the lights go out. Then she spots one. One near a guy in sea blue top staring at her intently.

Busted! He turns towards the big screen praying she approaches him. Adrenalin sets his pulse racing filling his heart with a new found feeling. His eyes are focused onto the screen staring at him as he braces himself.

A sweet voice floats to his ear. One his ears never heard of.

‘Excuse me, has this seat been taken?’

‘No… Lucky you. This movie has made a lot of hype. No wonder the hall’s full.’

‘Yeah!…’ [conversation continues]

They were cut for each other he concludes. He feels different. He makes out her face in his mind’s eye as he gazes at the ceiling. ‘Damn!’ He slaps his forehead. He punches the pillow. He feels like crucifying himself.

He forgot to take her number!