To you, it’s just a jumbo rake comb. To my  brothers and i, it’s a harbinger of early morning agony, charecterised by scowls and the constant kneading of our tiny asses while performing house  chores. Primary school days. Traumatising times bruh.
She just sneaks in (i’m sure) stealthily and perfunctorily grabs the infamous comb from the dressing mirror and *smack! smack!! smack!!!* while letting out karate yells (in her head actually). She does it with such unparalled dexterity, martial artists are no feat.
Sometimes, she gets all three asses. Other times, two. I’m that last ass that doesnt get to be smacked on those few days i sleep on the right side of  the bed. 🙂 I’m furthest from the door, you see. First two smacks twig me into jumping off the bed; if the ear wax  aint that much. Those two asses though (Makafui and Desire!!! Hahahahaha).
Damn you GTV! Why you always gotta put “Beast Master” and the likes late in the evenings on the programme line-up? Mean adults!
Those smacks helped though. Thanks Ma. They brought me this far. Can’t seem to find the courage to tell her i love her. It’s just way too awkward (in an african house). Not after all those scoldings and beatings… and reporting us to Da.

Inspired by an early, annoying (  😛  ) “good morning” convo with @3mefs