I’ve been looking for words to paint a murky picture. A picture to mirror my bottled up melancholy. I couldn’t find any… haven’t found any.
Perhaps it was because I’d lost my muse. Perhaps i was still holding on.
Kofi had them all along.


Takes no heroes, and spares none

To my wits end it took me

Devouring all reason and rendering me numb

Me, sensible and thoughtful me

A plague for others, spreading without cause

Logic, my panacea

But then, love only knows fools

In the end, I lay withered and spent

Infallible I thought I was

My defences lay crumbled about me

A worse ruin, Jericho did not see

A deep lament sang within me, as I watched you go

To curse or to bless

In the end, it’s all just words

Words that made no difference

But then, as they say

A love lost is a love found

I resign myself to what may or may not be.

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