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 Green building is the in thing in architecture now. Every body’s crazy about going green. According to MyFlorida Green Building, a green building operates energy efficiently, conserves water, is comfortable, safe and healthy, is durable and maintainable with minimal environmental impact. Green building entails alternate renewable energy sources (solar, wind, water), energy conservation, water conservation, sewage management, use of natural ventilation, etc. It’s all about producing an eco-friendly world to live in.

“Going green” has really established a successful symbiotic relationship with architecture. I find recycling to be relatively less profound in architecture (perhaps), especially in my part of the world, compared to all the other greening and sustainability concepts.

Saving Ghana’s blog post focusing on furniture from discarded materials actually inspired this post. A little bit of googling revealed trendy furniture and artefacts that can be easily sewn into the green building fabric.


 Recycling does not…

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