04:22am 26th Nov 2012.
In bed. Plugged in.
#np Summertime Sadness – Lana del Rey.

Ok. I’ve been an extremely lazy blogger. Damn! Been over a year since my last post! Blog’s pretty dusty and stuffy too!
I do have excuses though… maybe not tangible enough. But boy have I been busy this year. School work! So much to learn, so little time and less resources too. The hols weren’t left out.

Lots to learn in rendering my school work and mine too. Mostly trial and error, video tutorials and info off the web. It’s pretty much like groping in the dark, considering the fact that architectural visualisation (I prefer ‘rendering’ to the former 🙂 ) is an extremely broad subject. I must admit it was fun, though tiring, time consuming and exasperating at times, due to hardware limitations.
Been busy setting up my student blog too. Mainly school work and personal schemes. Tagged “The Experience Different Project“.
It’s exams time already. Semester’s almost over. That means I’ll be very busy with my books for a few weeks. Promise to do a post some time after that. Meanwhile check out my sister blog here. I leave you with sneak peeks of the scheme I’m currently working on.



And oh, I’m reading architecture. 🙂